​Looking for holistic, side effect free care? Ready to embrace your healing process? Combining homeopathic treatment with Core Synchronism sessions is a comprehensive way of addressing your health issues.

Homeopathy boosts the immune system for better mental, emotional and physical well being.

More information can be found here: National Center for Homeopathy

See Eva's June 2015 posted blog in the Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine: Herbs and Homeopathy: Same substance, Different Approach

Core Synchronism is a deep and effective form of hand medicine and alignment that addresses pain, stress and illness in every system of the body. Relaxation and a feeling of overall well being are expected outcomes of treatments.

Featured in February 2014 issue of O, The Oprah Magazine, p. 119.

More information can  be found here: The official Core Synchronism site

Homeopathy and Core Synchronism Treatments - Personalized holistic medicine for everyone
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